1:1 Coaching for your personal development

Diversity & Individuality

"To grow yourself starts from knowing yourself"

Everyone is individual, just like the topics and the steps within a personal development.

Recognize your strengths and abilities, give yourself a chance to expand your perspectives and get new energy and clarity for what is important to you. 

It gives me great pleasure to support you on this journey through active listening, empathy and effective methodologies! 

Regular coaching sessions at your pace

What can you expect?

Coaching means - you determine the content and I provide you with a challenging coaching framework in which you will be able to take on new perspectives yourself in order to find new solutions that suit you. 

It is not therapy, but intensive conversations and subsequent actions that address your future and specific goals in certain areas of your life.

Your coaching sessions include:

  • Free introductory conversation
  • Coaching packages of 4-6 sessions
  • Sessions take place online or in persona 
  • Use of various coaching and NLP methodologies 
  • Emphatic and at the same time challenging accompaniment at eye level 

Move into growth - Get out of comfort

How coaching moves you forward

In the coaching process you will find out where exactly you are in your development.

You may be operating out of your comfort zone or trapped in your fears. This can lead to blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Personal growth can be achieved by everyone at their own pace and goal. 

Imagine how good it would feel to define your own growth zone and fill it with life.


What coaching will bring you


Making clear decisions through new perspectives

... that will still feel right and appropriate the day after tomorrow. New perspectives will reflect to you new possibilities you have not considered so far


Clarity and focus for your own goals

... that fit your values and motivate you to expand your comfort zone and thus grow as a person 


Recognize and learn how to create your desired results permanently

...in which you deal with new methodologies and a lot of background knowledge about conscious and unconscious behaviors

I support you every step of the way

Are you ready? Take your future in your hands now!

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