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Webinar:- How to manage my emotions

How to manage my emotions

Understand how your emotions arise and learn specific techniques to manage them as best you can.
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WEBINAR: - Subconscious and behavior

How our subconscious controls our behavior

Recognize how your conscious and subconscious mind really work and how your subconscious mind can be controlled
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Webinar - Self Management

How do I guide myself into and through change processes?

The only constant is change. But how do you shape the process so that you are still in control and don't feel like a victim of your circumstances?
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Webinar - Coaching Transformations Day

How a single coaching day can change your whole life

Learn how you can transform an entire area of your life in a single day with the right mindset and perceive positive change in the long run.
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I am Andrea Brandt

and will conduct the webinars with you on all the above topics. 

It is my mission to share my knowledge and experience with all those who are on the way to develop themselves and their environment, who want to think outside the box and for whom self-reflection is not a foreign word. 

The subject areas are constantly expanding. 

Feel free to inquire if you are interested in a specific topic. 

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All webinar content is based on years of experience in the field of personal development and uses worldwide expert knowledge as a profound basis.

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Each webinar is an exciting mix of information and practical application - so you learn with others and something really sticks.

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