What drives me

For many years, as a leadership coach and mentor, I have accompanied change and development processes of people who face their own growth and accompanying challenges with curiosity and courage in order to bring about intensive changes in your performance, career or certain areas of your life. 

It inspires me to be a sparring partner, to give impulses and to reflect needs, emotions or behaviors together in order to create space for new perspectives and further development. 

There is this moment when suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, the energy changes, and the client has a completely different glow in his eyes, the body language in all facets shows that a great inner shift has just taken place. 

This shows me every time how strongly mind and body are connected and how every single one of us has all the resources for lasting successful change within us. 

Andrea Brandt Executive Coach

How I tick

Aktives Zuhören

Aktives Zuhören

...creates a common factual and emotional basis



... to recognize, understand and comprehend your experiences and feelings.


...all methods are aligned to achieve your goals

A few words about me

I have always been very curious and tried out different things, got involved with new topics and actively determined and shaped my own path in life, both professionally and privately. Falling down and getting up again is just as much a part of this as humor and focus.

In addition to my work, I am also a partner, friend, daughter, sister, and world traveler, and in all of these roles I am regularly challenged to expand my comfort zone to allow for personal growth.

I like sports and travel a lot. So I was a year with the backpack on the road, have long time been spending in a small camper van to get to know all of Australia. 

Later, I spent a lot of time in Latin America, especially in Costa Rica, building a digital bridge between the two continents. After that I moved to Spain and since a few years you can find me in big German cities - especially in Berlin. 

The time abroad, the diverse projects in different companies, the development of my own startup and especially the people on all the paths have shaped and influenced me a lot, have shown me who I really am, where I want to go and what is important to me in life. 

I enjoy working in an international mix of cultures and coach in German and English.

My expertise

Professional career

  • Leadership coach & mentor, trainer for personal development (2018 to date)  
  • Startup Co-Founder // Set-up and CEO of an internationally operating e-learning agency with offices in Germany, Spain and Latin America (2014 to date) 
  • Management Consultant & Mentor // Freelance projects in the area of workshop moderation, marketing, CRM, project management with clients such as Vattenfall, Kabel Deutschland, Unity Media, Telefonica, Sky, School of Management and Innovation (SMI) and others (2010 until today).
  • Various permanent positions // in digital marketing, product management, IT for Siemens, Telegate Media and Swoopo (2001 to 2010)


  • ICF Executive Coach & Mentor Coach – ACC Level // JS-International, Malaga 
  • NLP Master Practitioner & Master Coach // certified by American Board of NLP // Performance Partnership, London
  • Time Line TherapyTM Master Practitioner // Performance Partnership, London
  • Master Hypnotist & Hypnosis Trainer's Training Certification // Performance Partnership, London
  • International Systemic Team Coaching // AoEC – The Academy of Executive Coaching, London
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), School of Management and Innovation, Berlin / N.Y. / Mailand
  • Diplom in Business and Information Technology (BA), Stuttgart
  • mehr als 20+ years of work experience in the international environment 
  • German / English / Spanish

How can I support you?

I can accompany you, coach you, challenge you with questions, provide you with different perspectives and impulses, be your mentor with all my experience, make you laugh even in difficult situations and simply pick you up as a person where you are right now and accompany you to where you want to go.

Typical topic areas are:

  • Working out potentials 
  • Develop new professional perspectives 
  • Prepare for a leadership role
  • Recognize and dissolve limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Define goals and develop implementation steps
  • Develop and reflect on value systems 
  • Find out and dissolve causes of dissatisfaction, inner blockades, fears
  • Conduct employee appraisals 
  • Give / receive feedback
  • Successful presenting, reduce stage fright
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Work out your own profile
  • Accompany reflection and growth processes

This day, which can change your whole life, begins every morning in a new way.

When does your next morning of change begin?