Your Breakthrough
into a fulfilled life

Do you sense that you are more than your current behavior or situation?

Your Personal Breakthrough Session

An intense day and lifelong positive change

Choose an area of life and a REAL issue that you always wanted to solve for yourself and didn't know how until now!

Does that sound familiar?

Do you feel these inner shackles of emotions, blockages or beliefs that permanently control your daily actions and often also block them? 

Are there issues that you have been carrying around for years like a heavy backpack? It's getting heavier and heavier, but you don't know how to put it down and leave it behind? 

Do you live your own values or are you unconsciously guided by a value system inherited from parents or other influencers? Does your inner attitude influence your outer results - no matter in which life area?

Is "...and every day is Groundhog Day..." expressing itself louder and louder inside you and it just doesn't feel right and fulfilling anymore? 

Do you feel that you can and want to move more in your life - but don't know HOW (yet)?

What you can do!

Open your inner - often closed - doors to recognize repressed issues, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, actively process them, dissolve them and transform them into new powerful energy. 
Finally throw away the ballast and gain a new lightness, inner strength and clear goals, so that you integrate them powerfully and energetically in your various areas of life. 

Establish a new positive attitude towards yourself. Walk light-footed again without a heavy backpack or only with those things you consciously want to carry around. 

Decide concretely with inner peace and serenity which goals you want to pursue and achieve. You know at this moment that the paths used are consistent with all who you are or want to be. 

How to become the person you want to be!

Personal Breakthrough Sessions are intensive one-day transformational sessions and are great for people who are facing issues or problems that they have not yet been able to solve on their own. I accompany you with a clearly structured - worldwide proven - one-day Breakthrough Process to become the person you really want to be! 

You already carry all resources within you! I support you in uncovering them and activating them sustainably and permanently.

Recognize the origin
Recognize the origin of your blockages, your limiting beliefs and negative emotions and see them in the context of your current stressful issues in your life. You will be surprised how much energy you as example unconsciously keep things out of your life. You will find the source that holds all your problems together in one area of your life. If you dissolve them, you will suddenly feel a completely different lightness, a positive inner and outer change, which will give you a completely new view of yourself, your possibilities and diverse fields of action. 

Working with the subconscious mind

Detached from everyday life - in a clearly defined process - we work intensively with your subconscious for a complete day in a trusting, safe framework. This enables you to recognize and adjust the underlying value system, to recognize all limiting beliefs and negative emotions, to dissolve them and to replace them with positively supportive ones. 

Formulate and implement goals
With an unprecedented clarity and ease, you will be able to formulate and integrate your goal at the end of the Breakthrough Session as if you had already achieved it. This will give you momentum, joy and a great energy boost to put all the words directly into action. 

I will also be happy to put you in touch with reference customers upon request.  

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